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Christiane and Cornelia Maute
Christiane Maute und Cornelia Maute
Christiane Maute

I've been a homeopath since 1997. I studied classical homeopathy at Clemens-von-Boenninghausen Academy in Wolfsburg for three years. Since then, I've continuously been training myself in the field of homeopathy.

My daily work also includes the treatment of acutely and chronically ill people.

In 2001, I came up with the idea to apply homeopathy to plants both as a preventative treatment as well as for sick plants. Because plants are also living things, it seemed logical to treat plants with homeopathy. Curious to see the effects, I tried - together with my husband - to switch our vegetable and ornamental garden completely over to homeopathy.

The reaction of the plants to homeopathy is amazingly good in most cases. The application is simple, inexpensive and also has positive effects for our environment. By using the right homeopathic remedy, one can experience it's benefits in gardening and agriculture. These benefits are clearly visible and sustainable. 

Since the homeopathic treatment of plants is still in it's infancy, it is exciting and inspiring to see how this field will develop further in the future. 

Christiane Maute was born in 1949 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.

Cornelia Maute

I have been familiar with classical homeopathy since I was a child. I've learned how rapidly and effectively this method works from treating my own family as well as our pets. 

My mother's research as "plant homeopath" awakened my own interest in this new, highly promising and environmentally friendly method of treating plants. By working with my mother on her books and consultations as well as participating in a study group (consisting of two horticulturists and a winegrower), I've been able to constantly increase my knowledge in this field. We are in a perpetual dialogue with each other, discussing homeopathic remedies, their application to certain plant problems and the respective changes. Ongoing case reviews and self-study have expanded my competencies. In my own garden I test and document the successes and failures of the homeopathic medicinal preparations. 

For many years, I've been responsible for customers service as well as creating elaborate, individualized treatment plans with homeopathic recommendations for our clients.

The enriching contact with our customers and the numerous positive experiences are a daily source of motivation for me. 

In 2015, I supplemented the 3rd edition of the english version of Homeopathy for Plants with several additional chapters. We also published the 12th edition of the German version of the book that year.

In December 2017, I successfully completed my education as a homeopathic veterinary practitioner.

Cornelia Maute was born 1969 in Tettnang, Lake of Constance, Germany.